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Zones of Regulation

MPS has adopted The Zones of Regulation as a school-wide Social and Emotional Learning initiative to support the Wellbeing Framework for Schools and the Australian Curriculum Personal and Social Capability Learning Continuum. As a school we recognise the importance of wellbeing and aim to create a culture that empowers our students to develop strong positive character traits and group dynamics.

What are the Zones of Regulation?

The Zones uses four colours to help students self-identify how they are functioning in the moment given their emotions and states of alertness. There are times where it is expected to be in each of the zones and times it would be unexpected.

Blue Zone is used to describe low states of alertness (e.g. sad, tired, sick or bored) when our body and/or brain is moving slowly or sluggishly.

Green Zone is used to describe a regulated state of alertness (e.g. calm, happy, focused or content). Being in the Green Zone shows control and is generally the zone we need to be in for schoolwork and being social.

Yellow Zone is used to describe a heightened state of alertness (e.g. stressed, frustrated, anxious, excited, silly, nervous or confused). The Yellow Zone is starting to lose some control.

Red Zone is used to describe extremely heightened states of alertness or very intense feelings (e.g. anger, rage, panic, terror or elation). Being in the Red Zone can best be explained by not being in control of one’s body.

What will the Zones of Regulation look like at our school?

Across all classrooms a set of sequenced lessons will be taught at the beginning of each school year which encourages students to learn about their own regulation system and how they can adjust it. Parent and carer information is sent home prior to lessons commencing.

Lesson information will be shared via our school Newsletter throughout Term 1 to support understanding and help students to use The Zones techniques across their home, community, and school environments.

Lessons are designed to help students understand their different internal emotions, sensory needs, and thinking patterns that result in each student shifting from one zone to another. Students explore a variety of tools that they can use to regulate what zone they are in and are taught when, why and how to use their tools.

The Zones of Regulation help students learn more about perspective taking to better understand how being in the different zones impacts others’ thoughts and feelings around them.

The concepts of The Zones are embedded within daily interactions and routines as an ongoing support to help all of our students better evaluate their current social emotional zones and find success in school, the home and their community.

How can you support The Zones of Regulation at home?

  • Use Zones language to teach and support self-awareness and regulation skills.
  • Model the Zones yourself, checking in and helping children see and hear from adults that all the Zones are experienced and are okay e.g. “I am feeling tired because…, I am in the Blue Zone. I’m going to go for a walk to help me feel more alert”.
  • Help your child gain awareness of their feelings, the Zone they are in and what tools might help them to regulate eg “I can see you are frustrated, you are in the yellow zone. Let’s take a trampoline break and then come back to finish this off”.

Create a Zones Check-in at home by downloading the Zones Check-in Template and watching the video below:

Adapted by MPS based on the original work, The Zones of Regulation™ Curriculum by Leah Kuypers 2011, ©Think Social Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved. www.socialthinking.com. www.zonesofregulation.com  Materials and images are not for public distribution.